30 Words of Inspiration: Propel

Roughly, two years ago I decided that I was going to follow my dreams, let go of everything I knew and go boldly into the unknown. The journey was nerve-recking, straining and even draining as I saw my whole life crumble to pieces right before my eyes. Not what you typically hear people talk about right? We often omit the part in which we struggled, we doubted and even wondering if we had somehow lost our minds in the process. But, I am here to say, I decided to change my whole life plan and I failed epically.

Oh but wait there is more… My failure was a result of misguided focus; I did everything I did and never really thought twice of anything because of FEAR. Yes, fear of success and fear of failure. I was caught in limbo.

I realized though in my head I wanted to travel, to speak, to inspire and to work with young women worldwide. My plans said something different. I always wanted a safe haven to fall back on, just in case it didn’t work out; I wanted a cushion. Many of us do.

So, I got the degree, two in fact, completed numerous internships in various fields and had my educational path lined up but never felt satisfaction. Until one day while having lunch with a co-worker, she asked me this question and left me stunned.

“What is propelling you to move forward?”

It is at that moment it clicked, that if I was waiting for financial stability, and/or security to pursue my purpose. I would be waiting for a lifetime. I could not wait and took these steps to propel my life forward:

Add text-2

What is sleeping inside of you? Decide to propel today and get a boost right into your destiny.


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