Wardrobe Basics



Having a closet is more than just filling it up with trendy items and/or sale items you received a good deal on. However, every woman wants a closet that will transcend past just the seasonal trends; we all want something that will give us versatility, comfort and not break our pockets. Right?

Trust me, I know ! I realized a while ago that purchasing trending items because they were trendy was not the way to go. The key to a killer closet is having strategically purchased pieces and having the Basics at hand to mix and match.

Here are my top 7 Wardrobe Basics:

The Classic White Button Up shirt: This is a must have especially if you are a working woman, the classic white button up is so necessary; because it allows you room for so many variations. Wear it with jeans, with slacks, with skirt…etc , the options are endless you can go casual or go professional or just have a little fun with it and add a statement necklace for brunch with friends.

The Structured Bag: Okay! This one speaks for itself. I believe a structured black bag is the first thing every woman should purchase when starting a wardrobe. It is so versatile: work, brunch, dinner, shopping, it conquers all. If you don’t own one, get one.

The Colored BlazerI personally have an obssession with blazers, I think I may own one in every color ( don’t judge me). But seriously, having a colored blazer is a life saver, it is that go-to piece for when you just don’t feel like overthinking your outfit. Throw it on with jeans and a t-shirt and your ready to go.  I personally like them with pockets to stick my lip butter in for touch-ups.

The Fitted Black Dress: No words can began to utter why one of these is necessary but I will try: Classic, simple, sophisticated and Versatile. There you Go.

The Dark-Wash Denim: Dark wash denims are my favorite wash, because it gives you that casual-comfortable feel with a bit of a sophisticated edge. Wear them with a pair of pumps and a nice top and/or blazer , you are on your way.

The Aviators: Okay! so Aviators are not clothes but they are a necessary part of a wardrobe collection; simply because they are the only pair of sunglasses that I’ve know to flatter every face.

The Leopard Print:  These are so amazing because they bring a adventurous pop to any outfit. Plus, who doesn’t love animal print.

Happy Shopping! Let me know some of your wardrobe must-haves.


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Avek Amour,


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