Nathalie is a young woman on a journey of self –discovery. She is vibrant, unruly yet modest. A little tall-slim girl from Haiti who learned every day to embrace her heritage- her culture and more importantly herself was key to Freedom.

My life- or more so my –Journey– as I call it is never-ending, every day given on this earth is a new lesson about myself and the world around me. I embrace the fact that I am imperfect and that I may not always feel beautiful, needed or wanted. But understand that I am my own canvas and the paint brush is at my disposal.

My being –my existence is mine to mold, the world is simply an added perk I was given to work with. This space is an extension of my canvas, my daily struggles, discoveries, journeys and my passions… my love for Fashion, cultural history and Self-expression.

I will use this space to inspire others who have just set out on the road to self- discovery & those who has been stopped in their tracks or even those who have endured.

BeautéNaturelle is my way of channeling my new found confidence (for it was not always this way)… my dark skin, kinky curls, cultural history and the natural beauty that is “ME”.

This, the “Gumbo” blog,  a delicious mix of everything a legacy woman needs…  Fashion. Inspiration. Love. Leadership. Education. Direction.

Let the journey BEGIN!

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