Under Construction:

Hello All!


I am in the process of revamping and changing my direction for this space and really am seeking to do some uniquely different things. Thus, in the upcoming weeks, there will be some changes,… well a lot of changes! I can not lie. As, I begin to develop and flourish as an individual; I would like this space to reflect my growth, progress and passion.

I would so love it if you all will embark on this journey with me to “developing land”.  I say all this to say that, I would like to offer more than just conversational entries but really would like to depict my passions and love into all aspects of this blog. My female clutch line, my accessories line, clothing line, numerous philanthropic activities and even  share my start-up struggles and last but not least my Faith. Which I feel, I have not completely done.  I want this to really impact somebody-anybody or at least if no-one it will help me to better myself as an individual.

Let’s take the Journey together!


With Love,


A Phenomenal Woman



How to begin… A few days ago one of my favorite writers of all time passed away and never had met her I felt the more connected to her than anything. Her life story inspired me tremendously, her childhood , her life somehow- one way or another resonated so much with me.  Through her writings I learned it was ok to be different that we are not all clones and the most important part of living this life is -individuality.

I learned to love myself, with all of what I thought were imperfections because they did not fit my surroundings. I realized it was okay to wear my  hair differently, dress differently, and it really didn’t matter if I was the tallest, skinniest girl in my class. She told me to love myself- every part of me-even the things  I thought were were curses.

Though, I wish I was able to say thanks in a different form: Thank You, Ms.Angelou, Thank You… For saving me and so many other young women such as myself.

To all the songbirds that were allowed to sings freely…



Avec amour,