Clothed: The Beginning

What do you see when you look at the women of today?

While having a conversation with a guy friend of mine his response to this question was quite startling and I only deemed it necessary to share. My friend whom we will call Mike.

Background on the conversation, I have been working on building a network of young women that are active in their communities, locally and globally. In speaking about the issues those women, especially young women face in the world today we landed on presentation amongst many things. The manner in which women are represented, the way they present themselves and what is deemed proper presentation of womanhood.

So, Mike hastily mentioned female attire; he boldly declare that young women today have a difficult time it seems differentiating between sexy and trashy. He stated, “The modern day women is lost in transition”. We are in constant search of a fictitious reality of womanity but can never seem to grasp because the very thing we seek after, stares at us everyday in the mirror. We are looking in the wrong places.

My jaw dropped as I listened to his man and his perception of woman presently. How even in the skirt lengths that a female wears sets off a radar of some sort to the outside world, the amount of makeup we wear is an indicator. An indicator of what you may ask? To be discussed…

Now I have set down with countless of my male friends and discussed similar topics in respect to both sex but the this conversation took it to another level as Mike from first glance would not seem to be the one to utter such words; indeed I was truly captivated.

You will read more in the following weeks to come in a mini blog series I seek to launch called: Clothed

Are we as woman truly clothed with the names of others than are own? Are we just walking duplicates of each other? Have we lost our voices in the hustle and bustle of society today trying to fit a standard?

Let me know your thoughts and views. What set you apart from the crowd? Are you a Stand apart woman or a Stand in part woman?



Fashion: The Winter Low-Down




Image Source: Zara USA

In the process of  the process of wardrobe re-arrangement and these beauties just keep screaming my name. I have never completely been a boots type girl but these booties just have a certain something about them that just seems to draw me closer and closer.

Frankly with the current price, I think I just may be able to squeeze them into my budget. With these four options I have all a need to complete any outfit: The leopard will be perfect for an add edge to my not so colorful days, The Mauve, will give me an added pop of color with just enough slick and sophistication. Lastly, my two favs- my zipper twins- I love these because they are so feminine and classy.

I am still debating but the way things are looking, I may just have four new slots to clean out in my closet.

Stay posted for  the update.


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Avek amour,


Wardrobe Basics



Having a closet is more than just filling it up with trendy items and/or sale items you received a good deal on. However, every woman wants a closet that will transcend past just the seasonal trends; we all want something that will give us versatility, comfort and not break our pockets. Right?

Trust me, I know ! I realized a while ago that purchasing trending items because they were trendy was not the way to go. The key to a killer closet is having strategically purchased pieces and having the Basics at hand to mix and match.

Here are my top 7 Wardrobe Basics:

The Classic White Button Up shirt: This is a must have especially if you are a working woman, the classic white button up is so necessary; because it allows you room for so many variations. Wear it with jeans, with slacks, with skirt…etc , the options are endless you can go casual or go professional or just have a little fun with it and add a statement necklace for brunch with friends.

The Structured Bag: Okay! This one speaks for itself. I believe a structured black bag is the first thing every woman should purchase when starting a wardrobe. It is so versatile: work, brunch, dinner, shopping, it conquers all. If you don’t own one, get one.

The Colored BlazerI personally have an obssession with blazers, I think I may own one in every color ( don’t judge me). But seriously, having a colored blazer is a life saver, it is that go-to piece for when you just don’t feel like overthinking your outfit. Throw it on with jeans and a t-shirt and your ready to go.  I personally like them with pockets to stick my lip butter in for touch-ups.

The Fitted Black Dress: No words can began to utter why one of these is necessary but I will try: Classic, simple, sophisticated and Versatile. There you Go.

The Dark-Wash Denim: Dark wash denims are my favorite wash, because it gives you that casual-comfortable feel with a bit of a sophisticated edge. Wear them with a pair of pumps and a nice top and/or blazer , you are on your way.

The Aviators: Okay! so Aviators are not clothes but they are a necessary part of a wardrobe collection; simply because they are the only pair of sunglasses that I’ve know to flatter every face.

The Leopard Print:  These are so amazing because they bring a adventurous pop to any outfit. Plus, who doesn’t love animal print.

Happy Shopping! Let me know some of your wardrobe must-haves.


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Avek Amour,