Valley of Dry Bones

There comes a time in life when it seems that all that is around you is dead and lifeless. They are without form and empty. So much so you begin to feel the repercussions of such an environment. Where nothing you touch seems to birth out life. Well, I can say I have see and experienced that time and may I say it is not a friendly place to be. You turn one way to seek solace and find nothing but fire and pain. So rightly so, like anyone, you automatically turn the other way hoping that the path on the other side may be different- only to realize- No it is not. If anything it is more difficulty.

What do you do when it seem all the odds are against you, the world is crashing down – like the earth is filled with decaying matter. When you look for food and find none, you look for shelter and find none.

You create, you speak life into the dry bones in your valley, you protest the beginning of new life, new trees, new grass. You pray for an awakening, a change but this time you add one more to your prayer. You add action. Action + Prayer equals new birth-new life.

Life can become overwhelming, even depressing but allowing depression to overtake you is the worst thing that you could allow to happen. Why? Because you gave in without a fight, without holding your ground; you are made greater than that.

If you are in a place of depression, defeat, a place without water- a dry land. I urge you to create vegetation, bring forth water. You are not alone, for many are in the same predicament but it is those that decide that they will not die in their dry place but rather make it an oasis that become Great.

Remain focus, remain driven and plant.

With Love,


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