Clothed: The Beginning

What do you see when you look at the women of today?

While having a conversation with a guy friend of mine his response to this question was quite startling and I only deemed it necessary to share. My friend whom we will call Mike.

Background on the conversation, I have been working on building a network of young women that are active in their communities, locally and globally. In speaking about the issues those women, especially young women face in the world today we landed on presentation amongst many things. The manner in which women are represented, the way they present themselves and what is deemed proper presentation of womanhood.

So, Mike hastily mentioned female attire; he boldly declare that young women today have a difficult time it seems differentiating between sexy and trashy. He stated, “The modern day women is lost in transition”. We are in constant search of a fictitious reality of womanity but can never seem to grasp because the very thing we seek after, stares at us everyday in the mirror. We are looking in the wrong places.

My jaw dropped as I listened to his man and his perception of woman presently. How even in the skirt lengths that a female wears sets off a radar of some sort to the outside world, the amount of makeup we wear is an indicator. An indicator of what you may ask? To be discussed…

Now I have set down with countless of my male friends and discussed similar topics in respect to both sex but the this conversation took it to another level as Mike from first glance would not seem to be the one to utter such words; indeed I was truly captivated.

You will read more in the following weeks to come in a mini blog series I seek to launch called: Clothed

Are we as woman truly clothed with the names of others than are own? Are we just walking duplicates of each other? Have we lost our voices in the hustle and bustle of society today trying to fit a standard?

Let me know your thoughts and views. What set you apart from the crowd? Are you a Stand apart woman or a Stand in part woman?



2 thoughts on “Clothed: The Beginning

  1. I kind of agree with the blurred line between sexy and trashy. Especially when I look at high schoolers in mini skirts and crop tops. You don’t have to show your body to be sexy. There are classy, chic and respectable ways to do so:) Xo


    • Yes, I agree. The difference is becoming more difficult in the current years. I think we just have to be the examples for the younger women in our communities.I know how hard it is for the younger women, I have a younger sister and it is a battle.


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