Road Trippin’ : North Carolina edition

When random thoughts turn into actual events. So, for the past months a few friends and I have been talking about road tripping to North Carolina; and what began as a joke of us sleeping in our car is actually taking place.

Why North Carolina? Uhhh… No particular reason except us joking about us visiting Elevation Church; but that was more so a reason for family members so that they didn’t think we’ve completely lost it. Now here we are less than a week after a random thought, packing and getting ready to head up to the Carolinas.

We went from a few friends to now involving several members in our non-profit Christian organization-which you will here more about in later entries.
On this road van packed ready for another adventure. I will let you know how it goes.

Remember to keep life interesting and never be afraid to act on a “random idea” and seize the day.

Do something crazy, something daring without regret.

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Avek amour,


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