30 Words of Inspiration: Perseverance

Perseverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Now many of us will or have started a new years resolution in 2015 , Right? Now, almost 95% of those who start a “new years resolution” will not follow through with it. Don’t believe me, experiment with this; go to your local gym in the month of January  do a head count and then do the very thing again in February and/or  in March and I guarantee you that you will see a decrease.

How so? Many of us are excited at the idea of doing something new; I call it the “Good Idea Syndrome” or GIS. We have an adrenaline rush at the initial conception of the idea and overlook that this might just be a good idea that requires work. The most vital part is work but it is often neglected because of the “good idea syndrome”.

The amazing thing about anything in life is that everything started as a difficult task and through perseverance and practice, it becomes easier and easier. Think of the things that you started or tried last year , and now picture your progress today and see the evolution that has taken place.The progress is overwhelming, RIGHT?

So what are you currently working on that just seems too difficult, has you hitting the wall, screaming your lungs out… whatever the symptoms are that you experience during the initial phase, you must learn to persevere to push through. It is only through the pushing and the pressing that we succeed and see the greatness in the “good idea”.

Every good idea will remain a good idea if you are unable to persevere through the bumps in the road. So, with everything that you do, do not give up after one breakdown or problem along the way but remain persistent continue to push for something greater and better days will come.


What have you given up on?  Get back on the road to success today and try your hand at perseverance.


Avec amour,



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