30 Words of Inspiration: Be Epic

Epic: heroic; majestic; impressively great:

Over the course of these few weeks, one topic has remain consistent: Epic movements. A constant reminder from family and inner circle that to do anything, I must do it Epically.In our work, in our relationships, work and even hobbies; we must seek to do something that is unimaginable, something never seen before. Let this be the time that we set things in order to have things done like never before.

Set goals that are beyond anything you could ever have dreamt of; set reasonable landmarks to get to the end goal. Epic goals are those that seem unreachable, you don’t see the financial means, you don’t see the resources and definitely don’t see the hands needed to make it happen. But there is something unique about epic goals and movements in that no Epic movement ever started as such.

Epic movements all began as small seedlings that were watered by visionaries who saw beyond just a small seed but saw something Epic in the long term.

Find the small seeds in your life right now and began to water them, set goals, learn a new language-software, start a new movement, just do something and allow it to Become Epic.

Avec Amour,


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