30 Words of Inspiration: Transparency


the quality or state of being transparent (allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.)



Breaking down the walls and barriers to the outside world is necessary to effectively change the outside world. We can impact those around us most when they get a try understanding of who we are.  Always be mindful of those around you and the external view of who you are and your perceived habits. The greatest of leaders are those who we feel we understand and see the normality in them.

There is a level of trust that is reached when we breakdown the barriers around us and thus allow the objects of our surrounding to be seen more clearly. Now, the intention is not to go around revealing your deepest darkest secrets in hopes of gaining peoples trust but instead be mindful of the people around you and what situations are needed to pull the greatest “them” out.

Everyone you encounter: employees, colleagues, friends etc will have varying circumstances that require you to pull something else out of yourself.With each release there is a clearer picture of you and whom you are. So, do not hesitate, do not worry, don’t be afraid to let down one barrier at a time.

Key Points to remember:

-open up to your community

-share beneficial information about yourself for trust building

-Be clear as to what you want and expect from others

-Ask others what they expect of you and your relationship

-Be willing to listen and do something about what heard.

Finally, Be open, Be clear and revisit your experiences daily and critic yourself.

Be open to being open, don’t limit your progress by closing your doors.



Always Avec Amour,




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