30 Words of Inspiration: Humility

            Humility: The quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.

While this humility is always discussed, it is rarely ever practice as it should. But, here is the breakdown in a pretty quick and concise way.  Humility is much more than just sacrificing yourself  for others or bending over backwards; it is way more than that. Humility should work hand and hand with prioritization, knowing when to step down and allow someone else to be right or take the lead.

Humility is understanding when to be wrong when your right and when to be right when you are wrong. In all that we do we must have a great understanding of this, to ensure that we are not left out alone in the desert; because no one wants to work with or work for a prideful man or woman.

As you continue to laid down the foundations for your year and life; whether starting a new business or entering a new relationship remember that –there is always a great fall before great honor. Many of us fall not because of ill-planning or laziness but because of PRIDE; and truly pride and humility can not exist in the same vessel.

Destruction is evident.

I love exercises and experiment so, here is a quick one to help you move through your week and really get a grip on humility.Throughout this week, in interacting with anyone in your life: friends, coworkers, partner etc. As situations arise, step out of yourself and take a step forward and humble yourself before them.

Be helpful, do things before you are asked, over to listen more- even in an argument that you know you are right in. If you employ individuals, ask your employees for input and do something about the information received; don’t just request and not execute, that is still pride waiting to manifest.

Let this be the week that we are wrong when we are right and right when you are wrong.

Share your results.


Avec Amour,


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