30 Words of Inspiration: Purpose

Purpose: Noun: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

                    Verb: have as one’s intention or objective.


In setting your plans in order , the setting of foundations and plans should always start with this very question: What is my purpose in doing this? What is my purpose for this year? In doing so we set , a reason for the work, a reason for the stress and reason to move forward.

Anything done without a purpose, is guaranteed to not succeed. Without an ounce of doubt I say this , simply because we are purpose driven beings, everything we do is due to purpose.

Getting down to the basic of basic, even something as simple and underrated as breathing we do so to live- to exist but we often overlook the simplest things such as this; because it has become something we are expected to do.

One thing that is for sure is that each individual ever born into this world has been birth because of a purpose-they are created for a reason. If that is not the case what justifies one individuals existence and another’s demised. The greatest and most recognized individuals of our time have all agreed that the reason for their success is because they found purpose ( their reason for being).

As we transition into a new year , the very first thing that must be realized is the purpose for existence. In setting your plans in order and organizing your life at the beginning of every decision and plan write this very statement: What is My Purpose?

Tips on setting attainable goals:

-On every goal set start with this: PURPOSE: and ensure you have a short concise reason for why you are doing this.

-Set a timeframe for each milestone in the journey.

-Make GREATER things happen daily.


Avec Amour,


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