Morning walks, best thoughts

After a morning walk on the mountainside, the morning breeze hitting my face and the radiant glow of the nearby foliage.  I feel more at home than ever and each day spend in Haiti is a day of discovery  and new thought. There is something interesting that happens when you are put on a path that is unknown. We search for familiarity amongst everything, in actions, side roads and even people.  We may get caught in past trials and fail to see the new opportunities ahead. It is not everyone that will see the road as you do, in fact it is nearly impossible.
Why? because, we are all different and our very experiences differ as well.  Therefore it is our job to ensure there is a level of understanding that is taking place; which only comes through communication and vocalizing our concerns. It is with the understanding that, not everyone will see things as you do.
Indeed, a level of growth takes place when we understand that all that we present will not easily  be understood by everyone and it is a limited few that will understand. If you are so lucky to even get 5 people to truly grasp it, you may have just conquered a great deal.
A movement of the masses never began with a mass it is always with a select few that spearhead the movement and allow it to progress.
Change begins with one but continues with many.
Avek amour,

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