Under “Bohio’s” Skies there’s only smiles


Day one of many to come on the island once deemed the “pearl of the Caribbean ” Haiti, my ancestral home , land of my ancestors,  held close to my heart. It is always with joy that I return and with sadness I leave. But this time, I will be working, living,breathing this pearl not as a tourist or visitor but as a child returning home.

There is something about this country that steals your heart at the very irst step in. Maybe its the welcoming smiles or the konpa band that welcomes you at the airport door. What ever it is one can get loss in the soft winds, mesmerizing foliage and the distant chatters of the locals that never seem to stop. I look into the distance skies and wonder what is it about this place, Haiti, that soothes my soul so? There is an infinite calmness that fills my body that I cant seem to let go. No matter the circumstances or conditions there is an ultimate relief that consumes you and you cant seem to forget or leave without much struggle.

But as I sit, and look upon the interactions taking place, I must say there is a complacency that also fills the air, the people are living day by day with hopes of what may be while dwelling in the sorrows of yester years. The once great Haitians of our ancestors are no more their legacies have been reduced to rubble and silent murmurs.

The children of today are bounded by their circumstances,  the constant blows, dwindled resilience ; creates a false reality that plagues the country and its great minds.

But there are the few, the young, the vibrant, the new age Dessalines and Toussaints… the youth. They willingly tell a story of hope, of change that melts the heart and touches the soul. A story, that can not be ignored,  story so mesmerizing,  one can’t help but be capitvated by its plot.

Stay tuned! As I chronicle, the many stories of those that saw a different Haiti and are forging forward to create it.

My journey through Haiti in 20+ days…

Avek Love and soul,


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