A strong Mind…

Lately, I have been more consistent in meditation and separating time alone  to just be with myself and reflect. Though that may sound a bit weird but in clarifying, it’s  all about separating a a few minutes hear and there to just reflect.  Now this may not be as easy for some of us with the countless projects, work and running around we do but  once you cut out that 2o mins here and there you will love yourself for it.

You will start to see things a bit clearer after just a few days of just meditating. Okay, before I continue let me, break it down. I am in no way saying that you cross your legs, in perfect yoga form making hummm noises. The key here is to find a few minutes out of your day to reflect on the decisions, obstacles and task you’ve faced  through out the day.  And I know it is not easy.

It has been a truly troubling year for me and through this time I found myself lost and even a bit overwhelmed.  Now I am usually a scatter brain manveuring from one thing to another; I am guilty I admit it.  I am here to say it is possible.

However, on a more serious note , if you are sitting there saying I don’t know if I can stay still that long or have enough time in the day? that is absolute prove that you need this in your life. No one should ever be to busy to spend at least 20 minutes alone  with themselves, most of us spend more time sitting in our cars in traffic.

So here are some quick tips to get you start :

1. Find an area were you will not be disturb- meaning no pets, children, spouse , parents etc. Leave your house if you have too, try a park or the beach.

I started my first “me time” in my car because that was the only place at home I knew I will not be disturbed.

2. Dedicated at least 20 minutes- this may seem like its a lot but trust me it’s nothing when you compare the time we spend running around

3. Set a timer – Okay so we all have to start somewhere and we all like reaching a goal, Right! So set a timer perhaps on an electronic device preferably not a phone. We don’t want any calls during this time. Which brings me to the next tip.

4. Turn Off all cellphones, iPads etc.. – if its a gadgets that you normally have clinched in one hand throughout the day it has to go.

  1. Lastly, clear your mind of all negativity– a bad day at work , a fight etc anything that is not positive does.t deserve to share your energy.

After just a week of 20 minutes of  “me time” you will immediately see a change in your thinking, being and overall how you handle situations daily. And I know you will be pushed to extend your “me time” and build a stronger mind; thus a stronger being.

Share with me your progress, experiences and suggestions.



As always, Avec Amour!


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