A Phenomenal Woman



How to begin… A few days ago one of my favorite writers of all time passed away and never had met her I felt the more connected to her than anything. Her life story inspired me tremendously, her childhood , her life somehow- one way or another resonated so much with me.  Through her writings I learned it was ok to be different that we are not all clones and the most important part of living this life is -individuality.

I learned to love myself, with all of what I thought were imperfections because they did not fit my surroundings. I realized it was okay to wear my  hair differently, dress differently, and it really didn’t matter if I was the tallest, skinniest girl in my class. She told me to love myself- every part of me-even the things  I thought were were curses.

Though, I wish I was able to say thanks in a different form: Thank You, Ms.Angelou, Thank You… For saving me and so many other young women such as myself.

To all the songbirds that were allowed to sings freely…



Avec amour,


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