Fav Looks: Met Gala 2014

The 2014 Met Gala was even more promising than 2013, and its seems as the years progress, the style and fashion seems to follow.  Typically, I do not write on events as this, primarily because there is already an influx of news feeds surrounded around them and who wants to see the same thing over and over right. But this year there were some looks that really stuck with me and I couldn’t help but share-this one time.

My fav looks:

met-gala-2014-jessica-alba-red-carpet-orig-getty__width_580 anne-hathaway-met-gala-2014-original-getty(1)__width_580 met-gala-2014-leighton-meester-red-carpet-orig-getty__width_580 770-master-1024-v2 651-master-1024-v1 571-master-1024-v1 257-master-1024-v1 255-master-1024-v1 222-master-1024-v1


These looks were all effortlessly daring and elegant; and, for me a step above the rest. Love everything about them.



Avec amour,


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