Sitting alone on an empty bench.


Lately, I have been going through some major transitions in my life. Some I initially though was for the good and others I just assumed was punishment for some reason. The reason, however I could not figure out.So, i began to analyzed every aspect of my life- school, work, family, relationships… you name it. I made list, I made notes, my life for the first time was my project, my job, my science project of sorts. And what I came to understand was, it all trickle down to one glorious epiphany– I needed to change, and I needed Quick. A sort of wake up call you may say. Realization number 1: though I was consistently surrounded by people, at the end of the day I realize I was always left on the bench alone. i was dealing with everything alone, I was drained, too busy solving issues of others I lost myself. It definitely took me a long time to grasp this though the answer was right in front of my face everyday.

I was a giver, I gave, gave and gave without replenishment. Giving is not the problem but the issue lies in the way I was giving. I was giving and giving not realizing the more I gave the less of me there was remaining for me. Yes I was giving myself away and was left with Nothing. You see that is when giving can be an issue if you are not replenishing the source. In the end what good are you to anyone if your well is dry.

Secondly, this may sound harsh but not everyone deserved what I was giving. Yes, not everyone deserve to be given unto, especially if you find yourself at a threshold and look around no one is on the bench with you. You have done all in vain. Losing yourself and many times afraid of being You because it doesn’t coincide with the masses. You are giving up You- the true You. Understanding that you are no good to the world if you are not investing in who you are first. On that note: Nourish yourself daily-Mind, Body and Soul.

Toujours, Avec Amour!

Nathalie P

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