Late Nights…

These times unlike any hour are the once that seem to have the most impact on my life and how I view that  life. I find myself often times in a deep trance of sort during this time of night. Oh awful 2 AM, why do you torture me so?  I am tired but can not sleep, I am exhausted physically but mentally my body just will not give in. And to think this all began with the assembly of a simply breakfast table for my new place and here I am doing an extensive review of my life thus far and the steps that must be taken ahead to ensure success.

However, my point of the matter is that we learn through the little task we find to be irrelevant in life those seem to have the most impact. Why do I say this in the process of assembling a simple table, I learned a meaningful life lesson. Here is how: In my first few attempts at connecting the legs to the actual platform, the first two legs attached without any issue and then on the third leg I faced some difficulties in securing the screws and by  the time I made to the fourth leg it  took at least 20 minutes to secure after several trials and error. Point being, life is a process, nothing is perfect the first time; as a matter of fact it takes several trials to get it just right and yes it will get frustrating ( at least I know I get frustrated) because things do not work out as planned or under the time frame we expect.

This, I have learned through the course of this year is the same in business and entrepreneurship.  No matter the level of planning,  things happen, issues come up and unfortunately projects do not happen exactly as I planned- projects are delayed and even cancelled unexpectedly. The main goal is to ensure that you do not GIVE UP and remain grounded and maintain a centralized focus.

Until next time remain: Focus and dedicated!



Avec Amour,

Nathalie P

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