It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…

First of, let me start by apologizing for the time spent away, as I truly did not anticipate to be away so long. But, as you all know I had the wonderful opportunity of working in Haiti during the summer with the non-profit organization I currently work with… and if I may say it was an AMAZING experience as always. I never can seem to get over the impact of simple things on an individual’s  life until I have personally experienced it.

The very things that we’ve taken for grant here elsewhere is like gold. Things as simple as free education, 24/7 electricity, sanitation etc. are all items we see as basic necessities in this society elsewhere is not the case. Why is it so? I am  still working on that answer. And I know external debates as to why it is so, is still circulating everywhere in academia and research  but this and like many other things are jigsaw puzzles apparently. I will elaborate on in a later post on my trip to Haiti and my knowledge gained through the trip.

I have just been on fire with things as far as work and wonderful ideas that have come from my experience on this trip. I just can’t seem to sum it up adequately to share. I anticipate as time progresses and… I calm down a little, a more detailed and effective description, pictures and much more will come from this. I simply could not stay away from you all for so long without keeping you in the loop.

As always….

Avec Amour,

Nathalie P

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