Positive Minds

Surround yourself with positive people.

The amount of people in your corner will be few but those against you will be many; the you can’ts, it’s not time or my favorite how are you going to do it, you know how many people have tried?  It’s quite simply really – yes you know how many have tried and frankly who will start anything without having a plan as to how they are going to do it; are only a few of what you will hear.

The list of people on your corner will be for most people less than 10, if you have more than that then you are destine for greatest; meanwhile the list of naysayers will surely grow-Believe.

The reality for me is this: the entrepreneurial spirit is not in everyone, yes everyone may have a spirit of dedication for something but that dedication may only span so long. Yes its harsh, however I have met individuals throughout my life and continue to meet individuals who are “shipwrecked” and by shipwrecked- I mean they wait around for the development of something to jump abroad they are not foundational workers. They are the individuals who you see at cruise stage of the process; when all the hard work is done, they always come just in time it seems to seek partnership/involvement. Watch these people like a hawk!

The change will become evident with a change of surrounding believe me, with positive individuals, it seems the more you have around the more drive you have. The level of drive and dedication seems to double each time.

For example,  I received a call yesterday from a friend after sometime and that call trigger an immediate push in me to work. Why? Yes, I planned on working anyways that night but speaking to him sparked an added push as he described the expansion of his business. What began as a simple idea, has now spanned in turn something great and yes, there was and still are people who tell him he can’t every day or this couldn’t happened. But it has.

The point of the matter is, speaking to him and getting that ounce of encouragement sparked hours more of work and even a great idea. So, as my previous blog spoke about friends and acquaintances these are the occasions you are able to really decipher the importance of distinguishing between the two.

Are the people around you motivating you, and if so is it positively?

Positive minds. Positive People. Positive Change.

Avec amour,

Nathalie P

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