Work Hard, Play Hard

These past weeks have been a time of planning, working and researching. I have spent many late nights, early mornings and tons of coffee working on what I call “future security”; and frankly, nothing in life comes without hard work and sacrifice.

I work today to secure tomorrow, so while some are out and about I find refuge in what is to be my future stability. Is this not normal? I ask myself sometimes- it can’t be really- but every now and then I find individual like me that makes it seem ok. They are proof that people like me exist at least at this age anyway.

The future looks bright, the ideas are many, the work is plenty and I am ready!  So, I leave you with this “take on great risk in exchange for freedom to make something big, something that has real market value”



SN: As I work diligently on my business endeavors, the only thing that keeps my sanity is my love for fashion. I spend as many hours on my sewing machine as I do on my work; for some people, they take a walk to rejuvenate their mind I sew.  This is a prelude of my fashion pieces to come…




Avec Amour,

Nathalie P




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