Friends and acquaintances…

This is often a difficult topic for many people in deciding who is who, as you progressively grow in life you must make the differentiation of the two.

Who is an acquaintance?

  • Someone of whom you have slight knowledge of or friendship with. One who is not particularly a close friend.

Now that we have a clear definition of who is an acquaintance; now examine who you call friends. All the individuals you classify as friends rightful deserve that title? or it’s just bestowed upon them because of societal norm.

Consider this exercise, similar to a Pro-Con chart:

– Derive a chart with the labels Acquaintance and Friend and on that chart below each title write the definition of what you deem an acquaintance to be and                          what you deem a friend to be.

Now, with most people the requirements/definition of a friend will significantly outweigh the acquaintances side.

You will notice that not only will this exercise begin to indubitably open your eyes to the circle of individuals in your circle; but some people will not be there for long, my warning to you.

Why do this? Simple! Not everyone you call friend deserve that title and not every friend is a good friend. You will even encounter that you have several individuals who are in the limbo, in that case it is simple they are an acquaintance.  The more I delve into my professional career, the see more and more unsupportive people around. They come as saints armored with charm and false humility with an ulterior motive and if you are not careful you will lose your ground. They come will the highest level of curiosity, never satisfied with just one thing consistently longing for more from you.

But not all that come will come to break you immediately many come to feed; they cling on for survival, like the Remoras to large marine life, they need someone to transport and protect them through life.  These individuals only have power if we are unaware of where they belong in our lives, you will not recommend an acquaintance for a position, so why offer that person a position on your team.

Especially in business I am always mindful of a person’s character and demeanor, I am an observer- I analyze everything-your words, ethics, the individuals you associate with etc. because  I’ve learned the greatest actors are no longer in Hollywood

Keep your eyes open, mind alert and never underestimate what someone is capable of-never.




Avec amour,

Nathalie P


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