As I sit here, working along aside my business partner working, I become aware of the sacrifices that is needed to transfer an idea into a business. It is sleepless nights, long hours- nights such as these where sleep weights down  on your eyelids but drive will not allow them to close.

Progress suppresses the tiredness, sleepiness and provides a sense of rejuvenation unlike any other, with each keystroke, each sentence, each deliberation adds to the energy and eradicates the drowsiness.

Some many say its the tendencies of a work alcoholic, and if so I honorably take the title because I know the things I have envisioned and planned cannot be down by speaking alone work is need- unrealistic work.

Stay tuned, there is much to come in the upcoming months on what is occupying my time. Also more diverse posting on the things I love – fashion( my passion & love), photography and of course business.




Avec Amour,

Nathalie P

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