Risky Business

When is risk good risk? A question I pondered on many- many times and the answer still remains incomplete. But like anything else in life it is a process, a journey I go through each day leads me closer to my answer.

Risk is never associated with anything positive; whenever it is mentioned the initial reaction is bad, something dangerous or hazardous. But I boldly declare that risk is good, and here is how…

Think of every business, anything of great impact in the world occurred because one person took a risk; they stepped out into the unknown and reaped great rewards. That individual had a great idea, they planned, they took action, and in most cases that action required some type of risk.

Let’s put it into perspective, risk taking is even relevant in relationships; whenever you decide to go out on a date or build a friendship with someone you are taking a risk. You are unsure of what the future relationship/friendship will hold but you as an individual decided that the outcome outweighed the risk and so you proceeded.

Decisions like these are once we make every day without thinking; we overlook these minuet decisions in comparison to greater decisions in life.  Business decisions, financial decisions or even career decisions we fear the unknown so we only seek the path that we believe offers no risk. I can attest to this type of thinking. I spent a period of my life living in FEAR afraid of stepping into the unknown. I spent my days consumed by fear afraid to go right or left because I was afraid of failure- afraid of RISK; thusly so, for that period I realize nothing ever progressed. I stay in the same position-never moving forward because of my fear of uncertainty.

Risk and I could not have ever been placed in the same sentence. But I encountered an enemy far greater called Complacency on my journey which gave me the drive to break me free from a risk-averse mindset. I saw that the reward for averse behavior was not rewarding moreover it was damaging. Risk has become a friend and with each situation I have learned to better decipher which risk is good risk and when to take it. For me, that is the best observation anyone can make in life.

Are you a risk taker? Are you willing to put it on the line without a 100% guarantee? How are you governing your life?


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