As promised… Part 2

As promised… a continuation on my previous post; who am I?

I am still a work in process, dealing with situations daily that help to shape who I am and how to deal with the obstacles of life.

As I previously mentioned, I am a full-time student and young entrepreneur; constantly working on things to secure my future. I am currently working with an amazing non-profit organization which works with youth in developing countries geared towards creating great business minded leaders. Business minded individuals, I believe is key to the success of these countries and it is our job as young entrepreneurs to help those who lack the resources.

I have always had a passion for economic development as a young child; I remember conversations with my dad regarding changes needed in development. Though he thought it was a child’s curiosity, our talks resonates until this day and has sparked a constant fire in me to do something different.

I hope to one day dedicated a section of this blog to the advice and lessons my dad has given me and taught me inexplicably. His talks always seem to spark some movement in my life. But that is another topic for a later day and time.

I apologize in advance for the tangents that occur in my blogs but this is just another characteristic I have that I am still working on. My mind is always working on so many things at once that I’m often thinking in several directions as well. As I grow with you, you will get a real life version of who I am, the nitty-gritty and the little quirks that make me –me.  Be patient with me.

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