As promised…

I  promised a few weeks ago that I would be sharing more on a personal level, the projects I am working on , the challenges I face daily and so forth. I believe one’s word is more precious than gold;  justly, so I must adhere to my word.

I am always hesitant in sharing personal matters, as I am naturally a private person. Why? I am still striving to find a definite answer for that; my conclusion thus far is : family upbringing. Maybe in time this, like many other things, I will find an answer to; as I am constantly learning and growing.

But back to the matter at hand: Who am I?

I am a student first(as my parents constantly remind me), I am a full-time undergraduate student, upon graduation I will receive 3 bachelor s’s degrees: one in Economics, in Finance and lastly International Relations. Aside from school, I currently work full-time, I am CFO of a non-profit organization aside from managing my own female empowerment and development organization,  and the other countless personal and business endeavors I work on.

Side note: As I sit here and compose this piece I realize this post must be followed by a Part 2, for it will be unfair to cheat you all out of a complete picture. I will continue this short compilation throughout this week.

Avec amour

Nathalie P

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