Public enemy Number One

Are you living in a world of constant list making that never ends with any action? Or you are stuck in a career/job that you don’t like simply because you are putting off sending your resume or even gathering the strength to improve on. Don’t worry; we all have experienced procrastination at one point of our lives. However, it’s how we deal with this procrastination that counts.

Think of why you procrastinate?  Procrastination occurs because of several reasons and many of us have an idea or two of why we are putting things off –starting that project or beginning that exercise routine.

The most prominent reasons why we procrastinate:

                  1. Laziness- There is no sugar coating here. We often don’t want to do what needs to be done. We find every excuse in the book as to why we cannot and will not do something though we know we should.   Solution to laziness- well its simple really develop the practice and habit of doing something. Doing what needs to be done instantly to avoid any contemplation of doing it later.  So, if you want to start exercising regular, how about taking a walk today and not tomorrow; because I guarantee tomorrow you will find some excuse why you cannot st

               2. Perfectionism- We cannot be perfect; we can only seek to perfect things. Its simple, procrastination holds its grip on us because we are busy seeking perfection so we never finish or start anything.  How many of us have uttered these words, “I am waiting on the perfect time”    Or “the timing isn’t right” but, by far the best one is “I will do this after this happens.” Question is, “What if nothing ever happens?” then what will do, nothing?  Stop seeking the perfect time or place it will never exist. The perfect time is when you take that first leap of faith and break the barriers that are holding you back.

Which bring me to Number 3…

                      3. Indecisiveness: We cannot decide on anything so we are stuck with nothing. This is common for most people, we lack focus. We are caught in-between places, we have no sense of direction, one minute we are going this way the next we are heading in the opposite direction. This and perfectionism work hand in hand, indecision is a perfectionism best friend.  Another key issue with indecision is that we often become overwhelmed because we have so much to do, and we then become unsure of where to start. We are so consumed with task at hand that we just don’t start it at all and put it off for later.

Solution: Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize begin with the simplest task. Success in the completion of the smallest task will boost confidence. How do you deal with Indecisiveness, it’s simple, Make a decision! Do something. “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger!”

4. Fear:  What I like to call the BIG one, is often the main reason for procrastination. Fear of failing, losing or even fear of succeeding. Yes, some of us fear success because that only means we have to do it again or we are then entrusted with greater responsibility. That then makes us fear failing ourselves and others.  The human mind is a beautiful thing in that it has the power to play tricks.  As I stated earlier, we avoid dealing with the possibility of failing by doing Nothing; therefore procrastination finds a home in our lives.


How do you deal with this: First outweigh the pros and cons, for my list makers- create a list with the pros and cons of perform the task you are dealing with, assess what you are gaining and what you can lose if you do not take action. Chances are you are losing a lot due to your inaction. Lastly, you may fall, yes but with each fall you realize something that can be perfected. This concept started, since we were babies; remember your first steps, you fell a lot and with each fall you realized something new. It does not end there as adults we are reapplying the same concept just in different forms.

Therefore, identify your reasons for procrastination and then conquer them. Some of us will have one reason, others will have 3 or 4 but the key is to deal with it step by step. Deal with easiest first, set goals for yourself, and remember it’s okay to fail, as long as you identify the mistake and correct it.

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