Building your Network

I’ve often heard from friends that they need to span their network. They feel as if they are not communicating with or meeting the right people. But my question is always what are you doing about it? Where are you going?  Often the response is the same: they are attending the same events with the same people; then How exactly do you plan to build your network or meet different professionals.  Yes it is always great to build and strengthen your current relationships; that is if they are worth the time and energy.

But if you want to start building your network; step out of your comfort zone; easiest way to do so, is through networking events going on in your city. Where you meet individuals such as yourself ,that are looking to do the same, meet new people. Secondly, utilize the network you already have; I’ve always  joked around about having a circle of friends each within a unique area of expertise.

I have find this to be vital in expanding my own personal network because each individual brings with them different individuals, each with their own circle of experts. The network begins here.

If you are a student this is by far the best and easiest time to began to mold your circle of experts. Utilize your professors,administrators and classmates, you have the best variety of all; these individuals  range in age, expertise and, of course  personal networks.

Another great  place to  find out about events and even meet new professionals, is social media– which has become a redefining tool in how people meet and interact- so use your LinkedIn profile to the maxi. Do not simply set up a profile on social media networks but invest in it, if you are interested in the work an individual is doing ask them about. The conversation starts here.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in building their network, is thinking that it must stay within their field of study or work, what is a network if it takes you in only one direction?


Avec amour,






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