Too little time..

Lately, I have been experiencing a time crunch on many projects I am working on; which inevitably has me thinking about my time management. I find myself with more work than time to complete them. Long nights and early mornings have become the norm, and planning has become even more critical as projects continue to grow and feedback grows as well.

I believe the greatest time of growth for anyone is the moments when you set aside your own desires for the betterment  of others. I found this to be true with the example of a friend of mind. She consumes all of her time running to the aid of others to the point that she forgets herself in the process. I have witnessed this remarkable young woman give up sleep, food and even her last dollar to assist another and never stop to ask “what’s in it for me?” Individuals like her are one-in- a million and such traits set apart the  leaders among us.

How does this tie in to my beginning statements, well time management is not solely mapping out every single task and setting achievable deadlines but it also means giving up some of you to ensure that the task is done. It’ s all about sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice to ensure that someone else has a better tomorrow? For every experience we have, will and can be a testimony for someone else, are experiences will effect  someone in one way or another; so I take these long nights as encouragement for another young woman that nothing comes by being complacent but through hard work, perseverance, dedication and even sleepless nights.

Toujours avec amour,

Nathalie P

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