Feeling under the weather…

It’s funny how I have been anticipating the final days of summer courses; and yet sadly as they  approach I find myself sick. Finals in a few days and here I am sniffling , running eyes and noses, the works. This reminds  me of the uncertainties of life, you live day by day with expectations of something and sometimes receive nothing whereas on other occasions you received more than planned.

What does this tell me about our world and this earth well, its is Unpredictable, our days  are not guaranteed and we,as individuals should began to live as such. It is great to have have five-year plans, ten-year plans but we often over-look the impact we can have in the now. Who  is to say you will live to see the next five years , ten  or even next year. Not to sound pessimistic but, Do you live your life as if today was your last? If you were to vacate the earth today will you be remembered for something?  Its funny how many people rarely think about that. Sometimes we say it but never act on it, are you a do-er or say-er?

It may just be my sickness talking but funny things happen when you are alone and really sit and ponder on the world and this crazy thing we call life.

–How are you living your life?–

Avec amour,

Nathalie P

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