Soccer Anyone?


I attend a soccer match yesterday in which Haiti played reigning World Cup Champions Spain. While the match was exhilarating, definitely an on the edge of your seat moment. I observed the individuals around me and their enthusiasm of having been granted the opportunity to participate in such a momentous event; and felt nothing but enlightenment.

soccer game 006

I realized at the end of the game ( Haiti lost 2 to 1) if you were curious)- though the Haitian team lost the people celebrated as if they had just won the World Cup. I was a bit puzzled. I realized however, that it was indeed a great win because the opportunity to play such a team and to even score a goal was unlike any other.

Both teams won yesterday each in a different way. Winning is not always the individual holding the trophy or one with the upper hand but winning is also those who overcame fear and ridicule to stand up against the opponent. Let go of fear and see yourself do great wonders.

soccer game 004

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