I have realized through the years that in everyone’s lifetime we all will go through a period of great struggle, soul-searching, an unknowing cycle of self-resilience; and for some this period may even led to depression. During this unforeseen time, it is clear when you started but somewhere along the way it all became black. And like a misty sky before rain, the expectation is there, of rain but the magnitude of the anticipated rain is unknown.

What indubitably happens, we become consumed by the situation, emotional detached, and food is not a necessity anymore –resolution is. We seek sleep in hopes of avoiding the inevitable but what we are enduring has become greater than ourselves and not even sleep can eradicate that.  These are also the time when we discover the true character of individuals who were seasonal fillers in our lives and the few who were lifelong additions.

The beauty of such things is that they empower us to move to great heights. We discover ourselves in a new light, the impact of this ordeal is so great that it impacts those around us and pushes them as well.

And for that…

I live life as if it is the last life that I have been given, I seek opportunity for I am unsure if it will be my last. The reason for this, I have spent too much time in a state of sleep and once I was awake I never wanted to go back. So I took my time of breakdown to reconstruction and set foundation for a new purpose- one great than myself- a spiritual enlightenment.

Reconstruction needs breakdown… they are dependent of each other.

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