I think by far the hardest thing for anyone to do is to admit their wrongdoing or muster up the courage to say three simple words “I am sorry”. As I grow in wisdom I realize that apologies give you the individual an upper hand in any situation, due to the simple fact that no one ever has the courage to admit they are wrong.   IN light of Mother’s Day, I have always professed the intelligence of my mother who was neither a Master’s degree recipient nor a Doctoral student but the wealth of wisdom she has instilled in me has surpassed my formal education.

On an evening as such my mother and I sat down for our girl talk session over a cup of coffee and sweets and she began to reminisce of her days as a young girl grouping up on the mountainside of Cap-haitien. I spoke of the purity that was childhood back then and what began as a regular conversation on her pass, she lingered into her courtship with my father.  She emphasizes, the importance of courtship and how dating has significantly changed since her childhood.

The thing is my parents have been married for 25 years, something that is almost non-existent today marriages are taking so lightly that even before it begins people are already considering divorce. They forget the vows and the partnership they entered into as soon as an argument sparks.   My mom says that most of these marriages end because people are too afraid to say “sorry” or admit they are wrong.  She went on to say that every argument or disagreement it is never only one individuals fault but a mutual problem. Disagreements occur because people misunderstand each other and miscommunications occur.

So I take advice to heart not only for my romantic relationships but my friendships as well. I have always admitted my wrongdoing and make attempts to always be the individual to spark the conversation or end the argument.

In ending, apologize to at least one person today you have offended, argued with or disagreed with. Be the generator for change.


Avec amour,

Nathalie P

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