“Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it..”

The month of May unlike any other month is a wake up call for those that have been fast asleep throughout the year. For those who have failed to realize the importance of history and remain unaware of it significance.  The month of May celebrates “Haitian Heritage”, the trials of many men and women on the Caribbean island who sparked a revolution which changed the course of history for forever. Its remnants sparked change on all nations worldwide.

What took place on the small island of Haiti, formerly Saint-Domingue, marked the only place where slaves created a nation in a time where they were not recognized as human or of value. However, in celebrating Haitian Heritage, we do not focus on the negative aspect of history but we focus on the purpose/drive for which these slaves fought for. They did not fight for separation but for equality and liberty – to be recognized as equal brothers on this earth. They envisioned a better society and though many were born slaves they possessed the souls of free men.

Recently,  on a mission trip to Haiti, I had the opportunity to walk in the path of my ancestors , were I visited and experienced firsthand the very sites that mark the beginning, the struggle and end of slavery on the island of Haiti.

Bois Caiman ( Bwa Kayiman- in Haitian creole), the initially ceremony and meeting place of revolution leader, Boukman, which sparked the Haitian revolution just minutes away from my hometown, Fort liberte,  where slaves living on the isle defeated and concurred French forces and overtook the french Fort.  Image

These are all places that have been preserved beautifully because the individuals recognize the importance of their existence and preservation.Image

As we enter into the month of May, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride much stronger than any other time throughout the year; this, evidence of the importance of knowing your history and where you come from as insurance for a prosperous future. I celebrate my heritage and culture more vividly and will continue to embrace all its flaws but more importantly its significance in world history; for it is a heritage larger than I.

Avec Amour,

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