I am done resting…

I came upon this quote recently and it seemed to sum up everything I have been pondering on, mediating on, and writing about. Its speaks on the importance of  the mind and it’s impact.  My spring semester recently commence and all I could thing of was, rest but not  rest for my body but for my mind. I have experienced, see, dealt with more in this time then any other; because, this time had not been one of the physical struggle, but the greatest struggle of all-mental- while many can & could not understand my need for rest… and  truly did not understand my notion of what rest truly is.

Rest: cleansing and revamping of the most important engine of your human body is the step to all rejuvenation. How many times we complain that we are tired and weak and take a week or so off only to realize- the tiredness never went away. As I embark on this summer I wanted to enter rested and fully equipped because I know that great  things will begin to take place in my life and I don’t want to miss out because I was resting.So  I am resting my before the event not during.

I have so much to tell and share with you, and will surely be posting more often as again my resting stage has ended for now..

Avec amour,

Nathalie P

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