Little Test

It may be the stranger in the coffee shop, the random gentleman who you happen to catch stealing a peep at your perfectly tailored outfit or maybe the  rude ill-mannered  girl who just happened to not realize that she steps  your newly manicured toes and just  so happen to forget to apologize.  In that instance a train of emotions run through your mind – respond abruptly with a discourteous comment, reprimand them of their actions or simply smile with the realization; that to have responded in the same manner will benefit neither I nor her. So as a lady, I smiled and went about my merry way only to have once more cross paths with the girl I had deemed the illusive toe-crusher.   Only this time I watched from the other end of the elevator as it closed right before her eyes and the panic rush on her face as she attempted to stop the process mid-way. And sadly I stood there and made no effort to aid in her quest. Disappointed in myself to have allowed an individual to have controlled my emotions so; I pondered on this a bit as I stood in line for my daily dose of caffeine.

How often do we allow the minuscule incidents in our lives control over our days, nights and many times years here on this earth? Moreover, how often do we provide free access to our behaviors, emotions… to random stranger who are just leaves in the wind blowing  our way?  Individual impacts on our daily life is inevitable as we are all living in a society of mutual dependence; however how that impact is generated- its effects , and its application to our lives is strictly dependent on us, the individual.  Individuals come into our lives for a season now the length of that season is define ; and, issues only arise when we attempt to extend the stay of someone who was only meant to stay for strictly that season, to teach us a lesson and  then disappear. The same goes for relationships not every guy that enters your life you were met to be with, some guys were avenues used to help solidify what you already knew deep within.  Through experiences we learn how to –and not to compromise, we learn to love and be loved. In essence, life sends us little curve balls daily to keep us on our feet, to test us. A test which may involve a stranger on the subway, an odd character in a crowd, an ill-mannered toe-crusher or that oh so special someone you have been crushing on but in the end the question is…. Have you passed your test today?


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