My Mystery Man…

I AWAKEN TO THE SWEET SMELL OF  day, pots and pans cackle loudly in the other room, and the so not angelic voice of my cousin performing once again her rendition of Whitney Houston’s I will always love you consumed the entire apartment. Frankly, how do I do it but yet if I am not awaken by her solos something just does not seem right. I slithered out of the bed not wanting to end my love affair with the linens, but unfortunately I had to leave; my mystery man was on his way.  Down the elongated corridor, where I entered the shower and was drenched by its strawberry scented waterfalls, as the aroma filled the bathroom.  I felt a peace of heaven.

Dressed, with my finest linens, printed fabric adorned my head, wrapped so beautifully I resembled the African princess I always thought myself to be. My stomach growled, and demanded food right away how could I have allowed it to suffer so. Out of the room down the hall I made my way to the kitchen and there stood the soloist herself, still bursting out numbers only now they belonged to Adele. She greeted me with a simple “Good Morning” and continued on with her performances.  I was not lucky enough to have found the nourishment I craved but I could not complaint, I grabbed the last red apple out of the fridge and made my way across the hall to the living room area where I patiently awaited my beau.  Time could not have moved any slower, every second lasted a minute and every minute lasted an hour….anxiousness was killing me. Not to add the constant inquiries by my cousin on his whereabouts…is this her way of adding to my agony. Anxiously, I said on the couch, uneasy,… and after what seemed an hour’s time a knock on the door startled me, my heart jumped at the thought of who it could be. I rushed to the door and realized indeed it was who I thought it to be and without hesitation I open the door and there he was… ( to be continued)



Avec amour,

Nathalie P

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