As I have grown I’ve come to realize more and more that the things that are permanent and momentous in our lives are the very things that tested every ounce of breath within us. As with a great structure, a great foundation is needed, we lay the bricked, wires, piping, stairs…etc and it isn’t until the structure is stable and strong; that we add the glamorous layers. Paint, roof, windows… and when things take place in such an order we end with a magnificent end product.

And truly anyone that has every build anything whether, a house of cards or a physical brick structure, knows that in the process we encounter mishaps. So, life in general is not different in comparison, we encounter love and heartbreak but with every heartbreak we learn the proper procedures needed for prevention with the next person on our path. However, Here is the dilemma many of us do not realize;  we encounter these heartaches because we did not start with a great foundation. We skip the most essential part and jumped straight to decorated models something that is unstable, and lacks foundation. Just as you take the time to build your house with the initial foundation, do so with your relationships and friendships.

Just as you draw out a plan for your house, do so in your life as well, no one will give you what you need if you do not provide them with the plan of what you desire and what your intended outcome is. No one ever goes to a contractor and says, “Build me a house”; you provide him/ her with the plans and goal for the project and they give you an end result under your direction. Furthermore many of us do not realize we have been building a house since day one.

You start school- preschool perhaps and began to grasp a notion as to what you like.From playing with blocks to finger painting… Maybe you were the little kid that liked to play with the blocks. Put it in perspective, every kid played with the same blocks as you did just differently, the little kid that liked to stack them and build structures (engineers, builders), the little kid that like to align/count them (accountants/ financiers) , and then we had the little kid that liked to throw them at another classmate and shortly run to their aid( doctors/ health practitioners) and many more. Remember which kid you were?

Those years, thought minuet, set foundations to what we enjoyed and excelled in, in later years- primary school, secondary and on college, for those of us who did not skip the foundational steps. My view is: why would you give up on something you have invested so much time in? Individuals change who they are in an instance for someone they met in an instance. And start to build houses without foundations. Put your life into perspective.

A very wise friend shared something with me recently; she said “in everything that I do I do patiently because I know the outcome is grand, so why do myself the injustice of ruining it with seasonal interruptions.”

With that said, Set foundations for everything in your life and stick to them and the outcomes will be “dynasties”

Avec amour,

Nathalie P

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