For Colored Girls Who….dared to be beautiful, intelligent, colored…

I am puzzled by the influx of notions as to what a Woman should look like, sound like– “what is lady –like”, what it is to be a woman, How I should carry myself, what clothes I should wear, what should I study. Even who I should love, But no one dares to Ask me…Me? What I think, How I feel and What I want. Am I not capable of rational thinking? Who are you to tell me I am not beautiful, I am not intelligent that my place is not among the elite. That I am not polished, my appearance not groomed.  I am a WOMAN!! I am strong, desired and men have disobeyed the most high due to my influence.  Therefore you see I am not beneath anyone but have simply learned the true meaning of “Submission”.   For I’ve learned it is not always the loudest voice in the room that makes an impact but it is the one that sparks the most curiosity. My value is not dependent on the length of my skirt, or its tightness, nor my cleavage; I am beautiful because I accept every aspect of my being. My kinky curls, my long limbs, plump lips and unpredictable moods; I am beautiful because I have accepted my NaturaleBeaute, mask free, without boundaries as I was meant to be—A natural Woman.


But blame not the naysayers only for WE as women have lost sight of our beauty. WE, as woman need to appreciate the attributes we have been blessed with. Instead of looking at the reflection with numerous criticisms; complement yourself… On how beautiful you are, how your skin glows without ever seeing sun; your lips make a statement without a hint of lipstick, your smile__Oh your smile, lights up the room effortlessly. And how your eyes, make man week at the knees. You Command attention, at every entrance.

SO??? Why look at yourself and say you are not beautiful because your hair is not bone straight ( bone straight was not meant for  you),  Why look at your skin and think it is not beautiful  because it’s not of a lighter complexion maybe… just maybe ebony, mahogany or mocha is your shade). You happened to have been blessed with a flawless tan, one of the best kind- FREE- no tanning beds, spray tans for you my dear.

You are Woman …. Hear you Roar!!!

….Avec amour (With love)  Nathalie P

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